Thursday, 3 March 2011


We have been learning about the desert this week. At night in the desert it is really cold about freezing. In the day time it is very very hot. Some desert animals we know are cattle, camels, trap door spider, hyenas and scary scorpions they are poisonous. The houses in the desert are made of mud and stone.  We learned that more than one cactus is called cacti. This is some photo's of us making a model of the desert.

We decided to call it the Horror Desert! We made some animals out of clay can you see some snakes, spinders and scorpions hiding in there? we also have camels, mudhouses an oasis some cacti and of course lots and lots of sand!


  1. kool work class 5A

  2. What great weather experiments you have doing.
    Love the homemade barometer!

    Ms Rosie